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Little Shops Just Outside of Hudson

Hudson has more than its share of unique specialty shops. But if you spend more than a weekend here, you’ll want to know there’s more shopping than what’s found on Warren Street. To be sure, Warren Street is where you’ll find the kind of shop you’d expect in only in a much bigger city. But there’s good shopping and eating just a few minutes from town. Here are some of the shops within a five-minute drive from Warren Street.

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Things to Do in Hudson: October 2017

With September having been balmy in Hudson—hot, sometimes—October promises crisp days, warm apple cider, a renewed familiarity with jackets and hats, and, of course, a riot of russet-hued leaves all come down to blanket the ground. 

Galleries plan galas and shops sell spooky wares all month in anticipation of Halloween, when, it can be said, the descendants of fellow Hudson Valley character Ichabod Crane come out to be frightened by 21st Century descendants of headless horsemen.

Things to Do in Hudson: September 2017

Today, September in the Hudson Valley is really a bonus summer month. Plenty of us can say that we hardly need to think about heating our home until the end of the month, and often enough we don’t really get a chilly day until sometime in mid-October. Perhaps you believe global warming is a threat or perhaps you don’t–but it’s safe to say that lately, it seems September has very nearly joined the ranks of summer.

But there is the difference—everyone is back in school. You may still get some good days of sunshine, but you may also be worrying about getting back in time for a parent-teacher meeting. There’s still a glass of lemonade sweating on the picnic table—but somewhere there’s a math tutor laboring with a tween over sine curves (which you have entirely forgotten). Try to forget that after September, you’re going to be in a coat for six months. Here’s how:

Little Shops of Hudson

Every town in the Hudson Valley can boast a handful of interesting, even quaint shops for the visitor to enjoy. But Hudson is more than a little place with a few tchotchke shops. Hudson has been called “trendsetting” more than once—and a casual stroll down Warren Street proves why.

Here are some of the most unique specialty shops in Hudson, NY. No doubt you’ll want to stop in and say hi (and buy!).

Things to Do in Hudson: August 2017

August is a time of lazy river tubing, tall drinks in the shade, and as much heat-relief as you can engineer throughout the long, sunny, humid days. In years past—in decades past—August was the month when you began to think about making the most of the rest of the summer because by the time Labor Day made its way on to your calendar, temperatures would drop, and fall would begin to nip at your heels in the night.

The Rip Van Winkle Bridge—Hudson’s Connection to the West

The Hudson Valley is oriented generally on a north-south axis. Besides the river itself (one of the very few rivers in the world that run north-south), all the major roads in the region reach north from New York City directly south. The New York State Thruway, Routes 9 and 9W, The Taconic Parkway and several smaller roads all follow the course of the river. Amtrak runs north and south through Hudson. From Poughkeepsie the Metro North trains run south to Grand Central Station.

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