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Hudson in the Movies

Hudson may lack a main-street movie theater, but it has certainly starred on more than one occasion upon the silver screen. And while it’s true that Time and Space Limited shows movies regularly out of a former warehouse on Columbia Street, and there’s a mainstream multiplex, Hudson Movieplex, up the road on Route 9 a couple of miles from town, most of the cinematic action in Hudson has taken place on or very near Warren Street.

Things to Do in Hudson: June 2017

In June, Hudson begins what for all the world seems to be a summer-long celebration. The sidewalks are busy, the restaurants are buzzing, and the shops are enjoying the beginning of high-season. There is little reason to wonder why. With a mile-long street of unique stores and restaurants plus a view of the Catskills, Hudson begins to enjoy its reputation as the “metropolis” of Columbia County.

While folks from town and its surrounding towns make their way down Warren Street, they mix with a healthy number of visitors from New York City and beyond. Hudson in the summer blends sophistication with country charm, but it’s those same attractions that make it a great place to live and work.

The Norman Rockwell Museum

Norman Rockwell, decades after his last Saturday Evening Post cover, remains an iconic American artist.

At their best, his paintings are painstakingly humanistic, highly evocative and masterfully rendered. Many today find his works almost in the realm of kitsch—but too often the critics will forget that Rockwell painted for a commercial market. He was an illustrator and a keen observer of the American scene of his day.

Today you can drive from Hudson to the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts in less than an hour. There you will find yourself confronting dozens of deeply affecting, highly realistic paintings that depict an America that seems to have left us—or perhaps never was, at least not for most of us.

Just Outside Hudson

When visitors think of Hudson, they think of Warren Street with its mile of superior shops and restaurants. They think of lower Union Street with its blocks of restored, historic homes. They may think of Olana, just a five-minute drive from downtown Hudson.

But for those thinking of making a home in or near Hudson, there are other considerations. It may surprise you to know that there are lots of amenities near Hudson (and just a short drive from The Falls) that you would expect in any modern town—but no one says much about them.

Seasons at The Falls Mother’s Day Brunch

Mom may know how much you love and appreciate her, but on Mother’s Day it’ll really make a difference when you treat her to something special!

For its Mother’s Day Brunch, Seasons at The Falls sets out a grand culinary spread of mouth-watering arrays of smoked fish, an omelet station, waffles, pasta, sides, assorted desserts and many more delectables than we can name. Seasons is adjacent to The Falls luxury residential complex just a couple of minutes from downtown Hudson and there’s plenty of parking available!

Things To Do in Hudson: May 2017

In late April the leaves have burst upon us almost without warning. Here in the Hudson Valley, we get that one week where the trees seem to know frost is banished, and they begin to bud until suddenly wherever there was were gray and purple, there’s an intense shade of grasshopper green where new leaves greet the sunshine at last. And now we’ve got the outdoor season—a time when the Hudson Valley becomes again the great natural paradise that has long made it a primary attraction not far from the populous regions ranging along the Atlantic coast. Come and see what is springing up this year in the Month of May!

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