Vintage Shopping in Hudson, NY

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Vintage shopping in New York City can be frustrating, especially when all of the good spots are
picked through by city goers and many overly curated stores are expensive. That’s why vintage
and thrift shopping in Hudson is so special — there’s a perfect blend of curated, selective vintage
stores filled with unique pieces you won’t find in an average store, as well as vast second hand
stores that are home to hidden gems. There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re
looking for a statement jacket, a pair of old Levi’s, or a unique handmade sweater from the 50’s.
Explore the vintage shops of Hudson and find your unique style for the winter.

One of the top vintage destinations in Hudson, and for good reason, is Sideshow Clothing Co.
Filled with unique vintage pieces for men and women, this small but well-stocked shop is a
highlight of vintage on Warren Street. Each piece is carefully selected and often, slightly altered
to become a unique, one-of- a-kind clothing item. You’ll find vintage cowboy boots in perfect
shape, fun patterned leather jackets, endless cozy flannel, retro 60’s style dresses, bold jumpsuits
and elegant and funky hats, scarves, skirts, handbags, and jewelry — pretty much anything. They
are always restocking with fun new styles and are always ready to help you find something that
fits you perfectly. Sideshow is definitely a must-see when you’re in Hudson, whether you’re
looking for a unique statement piece or a versatile, everyday wear look.

On a tighter budget and want to find cheap basics, unworn deadstock, and unique houseware
along with your clothes? Goodwill on Fairview Avenue, just outside of Hudson, is the place to
visit. This store is enormous and filled with pretty much every style of clothes you could want.
From the massive racks of quality blazers, trousers, men’s formal wear, jackets, vintage jeans

and t shirts to the shelves of books and unworn, new shoes, this place is a haven for digging
through and finding true gems. All you need is an hour and a few bucks. What’s great about this
specific Goodwill is that it isn’t super picked-through and they are always stocking new items.
You can also clean out your closet and put your used clothes to a good cause and drop off
donations here. Since it’s just a short drive from town, it’s perfect for a quick afternoon trip with

Another must-see for highly selective, beautiful vintage and consignment inside Hudson, look no
further than LOOK Apparel and Accessories. This tiny, inviting shop highlights its stunning,
high-quality vintage from the moment you walk in. Prices range and are very reasonable
considering the amount of designer, high fashion pieces in mint condition. What stands out about
this store is the way that it’s curated and organized. Visitors are always attracted to the dazzling
front display of color-coded jewelry and the artfully built displays of shoes, bags, and
accessories. The styles are varied and there is something for everyone. They carry many well-
known designers as well as smaller scale brands. LOOK is certainly a top fashion destination in

Just a short walk from both Sideshow and LOOK is the much-loved thrift store The Second
. Established in 1996, this shop has been a local favorite for a long time. You’ll find
furniture, houseware, vinyl records, board games, DVDs, vintage magazines, and not to mention
the wide selection of clothes and cool retro accessories they carry. Prices are super reasonable
and accessible. They put a lot of care into making really fun and creative window displays,
changing them up often to match different seasonal themes and colors. The Second Show is definitely
somewhere to check out regularly to keep up with all the new styles and cool vintage

Antigo is another favorite in Hudson. Owner Vincent Velez calls it “a beautifully controlled bit
of retail chaos.” This multi-dealer shop has a high rate of turnover and Velez says new stock
comes in daily. The merchandise crosses all periods and styles, and runs from furniture and art to
vintage designer clothing. Highlights have included original works by Henri Matisse and Peter
Max, vintage Louis Vuitton trunks and luggage sets, and Eames furniture. There’s a home for the
weird here, too, including dinosaur teeth, 1950s games and novelties, street art, and rock ‘n roll
memorabilia. The workhorse of the vintage scene, Antigo is open seven days a week, from 11
am until 7 pm and, at times, has been known to be open until 10 pm.

You can’t go to Hudson on a hunt for vintage without visiting the Riverfront Antiques and
Design Center
. Right next to Basilica, the riverfront, and the Amtrak station, this massive
warehouse is filled with many vendors selling incredible and widely varied antique furniture,
vintage clothing, art, accessories, house ware, tools, and they even have free coffee and tea and a
selection of yummy unique snacks for when you’re browsing through this palatial marketplace.
The vendors are super friendly and helpful and are always ready to answer any questions you
might have. From fabulous retro dining room sets to luxurious hand made pillows and
contemporary art for sale, even if you’re not looking to buy anything it’s an adventure just
window shopping here.

Hudson’s vintage and thrift stores have something for everyone. From carefully selected and
curated vintage to bargain bin finds, no matter what your budget you’ll certainly find a piece that
speaks to you at these shops. Create the life and style you love with the help of some of these
incredible shops, and get the most out of your time in Hudson!

Racquel Roberts