A Day of Self-Care on Hudson’s Warren Street


When the weekend comes around, it means it’s time for some self-care. Hudson’s special
selection of health and beauty shops keeps your self-care weekend just around the corner.
Whether you’re leaving the stress of your New York City week or you’re a resident deserving a
day self indulgence, the choice of chic makeup, luxurious massages and body care products
available are all within easy reach in Hudson. In fact, your self-care Saturday plans can all take
place without ever leaving Warren Street!

A landmark of beauty in Hudson is FACE Stockholm on Warren Street. For bold, sophisticated
cosmetics and a beautiful in-store experience, this is the place to go. The cosmetics shop in the
heart of Hudson is a spacious and effortlessly stylish place for makeup lovers of all types.
Whether you’re the type who’s looking for high quality skin care or you’re looking for high-
pigment eyeshadows to add drama to a look, FACE has a unique variety of options. FACE also
specializes in creating very personalized service for everyone, providing makeup classes and
experts in store that help you discover a new look. Besides the beauty of this place alone, it is
also a great shop for people who want to find quality products and makeup looks that reflect
their personal style.

Once you’ve picked out a new lip color for the season or maybe learned a new skincare secret
from the people at FACE, step right out the door and into one of the many classes at Sadhana
Center for Yoga and Meditation
. Just up the stairs next door to FACE Stockholm is a cozy yet
roomy yoga studio that has drop-in community classes for a little as $7. Whether you’re a
beginner or a seasoned yoga enthusiast, Sadhana provides resources for anyone looking to
unwind and get into a healthier, clearer headspace through yoga and meditation practice. They
also offer Tai Chi and QiGong classes. Sadhana sells Jade yoga mats and yoga gear. Pick up a
gift certificate, a great gift for a special friend — especially during the cold, darker winter

Just another few blocks up from Sadhana is Bodhi, a holistic spa and yoga center. Offering
private classes and group workshops along with a large variety of massage and spa treatments,
Bodhi is your one-stop for everything relaxing and nurturing to the mind and body. Beat dry
winter skin with a rejuvenating, moisturizing facial treatment and warm up stiff, sore muscles
with a Swedish massage, or get your stiff muscles loosened up with a deep tissue massage.
Dry, overworked hands? Get a lemon verbena hand treatment for youthful, moisturized hands.
Shop from their array of high-end hair care lines and natural makeup products. Get your hair
colored, cut, blow dried, and stock up on at-home spa treatment products, even crystals, so you
don’t even have to leave the house to experience the luxuries that Bodhi offers. Book an
appointment, check the schedule for classes, or order their items online on their website.

Now head west on Warren Street until you reach 2 Note, a heavenly-smelling little shop that
hand-makes and bottles each of their beautifully scented perfumes and body care products.
Touching on to the connection between music and the senses, this shop’s philosophy of
carefully layering natural, fine quality ingredients and smells to harmoniously go with each
person’s individual taste will change your routine up while supporting the local production of
these beautifully handcrafted body products. Check out their face nourishing oil, the perfect item
for a wholesome skincare routine during the winter.

One of the best ways to finish off a leisurely self-care Saturday is with a great glass of wine and
a sweet treat! Treat yourself to a bottle of wine for the evening and stop by Hudson Wine
Merchants on Warren Street
. They have wine tastings along with expert employees to help you
explore and discover the wide array of fine wines they provide. Once you’ve picked up a crisp rosé or
a rich red, head over to Verdigris Tea and Chocolate Bar to choose some gourmet chocolates. 
Verdigris also sells pastries and loose teas to give your day a sweet ending. For a
unique tea from across the world or locally sourced chocolate milk mix, you’re sure to walk out
of here with something perfect to tickle your tastebuds and take home to enjoy again and again!

We all need a little down time to relax and pamper ourselves, and luckily in Hudson, beautifully
curated shops, great service and amazing products are all within one easy stroll on Warren

Racquel Roberts