Celebrating Christina Snyder of Wolfe’s Cleaning Services

Hudson’s vibrant community is kept a little bit tidier by the efforts of Christina (Wolfe) Snyder. Christina, a lifelong Hudson resident, began cleaning homes for neighbors at the age of seventeen. Living on her own and as a single mother to a young daughter, her business pursuits began by knocking on neighbors’ doors and asking if they needed any cleaning help. Persevering to finish high school and earn an Associates Degree in Business Administration, Christina’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedicated work ethic impressed a list of clients that grew until 2007, when she decided to establish her business, Wolfe’s Cleaning Services. In 2014, her residential clientele grew to include her first commercial clients.

Christina has grown Wolfe’s Cleaning Services into a full-service, fully insured janitorial business serving homes and businesses of all sizes. One year ago, Wolfe’s was contracted to provide services for the lifestyle living complex at The Falls on 158 Union Turnpike in Hudson, NY. At The Falls, Christina has been responsible for ongoing construction site clean-up, maintenance of common areas, and move-in/move-out cleaning services for all residences, and any services requested by tenants. With this opportunity at The Falls, Christina grew her business beyond the complex’s common areas and apartments. She also handles events at The Falls where she was recently promoted to Director of Events.

The quality of Christina’s work has been recognized both in the immediate community and in the wider Hudson Valley. Wolfe’s Cleaning Services has been recognized as Capital Region Business of the Year 2016, Best of Hudson Valley 2016, and Best of Hudson 2014. Accolades this year have included Hudson Valley Woman in Business 2017, Female Entrepreneur of the year 2017, Stevie Bronze Winner of Business of the Year 2017, Best of Columbia County Readers Choice Award 2017, Aspiring Woman in Business 2017 Award and Best of Columbia County Award  2017 .

Christina graduated in October 2017 with a Bachelors Degree in Business Entrepreneurship with a 4.2 GPA average. 

Recognizing that her success grew out of personal struggles, Christina, who is also a cancer survivor, is dedicated to giving back to the community that made her success possible, through the employment of local workers, the support of charitable causes, and volunteerism.

Racquel Roberts