Nightlife in Hudson

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Most come to the Hudson Valley for its natural beauty, charming towns and easy commute into New York City. But aside from endless things to do during the daytime in Hudson, after all the hours of browsing antiques and vintage clothing, your weekend in Hudson isn’t really complete until you experience the nightlife that this town has to offer. From Tiki nights at Back Bar and live music at the Half Moon to disco dance parties at Club Helsinki, here are some of the best spots for nightlife in Hudson. No matter what your vibe is for a night on the town, Hudson has a spot for you!

If you’re looking for a low-key, casual place to get some cheap drinks with friends, look no further than Melino’s Pub on Columbia Street. Melino’s is known for their great deals and casual vibe, and is definitely worth the visit if you’re looking for some inexpensive drinks and warm local atmosphere where you can just watch sports and share some homemade curly fries and a round of beers before hitting other spots in Hudson.

Gather up a team to walk down Warren Street and pay a visit to ÖR Gallery and Tavern, one of Hudson’s more recent, hip bars that opened in the summer of 2015. ÖR

is great for outdoor seating (hello, Spring!) and for cheap cocktail pitchers to share with a group. Play some pool and enjoy the super cool, bohemian atmosphere of this combination tavern, gallery, shop, and work space. The owners Jennifer Tzar and Adam Loomis also sell handmade leather goods and jewelry that they make in the shop, in addition to the bar and event space. There are so many different things to do here day and night, and it’s definitely become a must-visit in the past few years since opening. Places like ÖR are one of the many venues and shops that have opened in Hudson in recent years that makes many compare it to the likes of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. They also have a large, beautiful event space and hold parties and private events often.

If you’re looking for a really chill atmosphere, and something a little more intimate than a place like Or Bar, The Spotty Dog is a great place to hit for a super local vibe in the cutest book store on Warren Street. Their bar space is cozy, and the tables and comfy seating in the front of the shop make it perfect for more low-key events like trivia nights and super intimate live performances by local musicians and artists. Join for a casual Thursday evening live reading and an ale, or catch a live Jazz Quartet play for only $8 in April! If you’re looking for a real taste of local Hudson culture, The Spotty Dog is the perfect place to become your new go-to for any day of the week.

If you’re more in the mood for a night of delicious food along with your drinks rather than a show or party, Back Bar is another Warren Street gem that has opened in the past few years. Back Bar specializes in Malaysian food and has a super cool outdoor space and communal table seating inside. It’s also part antique store! Warm up on a chilly March night with a bowl of hot ramen and a delicious, unique cocktail like a Monk’s Hot Harlow, a hot spiced cider elixir, or a local New York brew on tap. The hip, vintage decor of Back Bar and super friendly staff along with their delicious food will make it a place you’ll want to visit over and over.

Anyone who wants the full Hudson nightlife experience has to go to a show at Club Helsinki. There’s a reason why this place is so loved and why we talk about it so much—there is always something happening there. Whether you’re just going for lunch and cocktails in the restaurant, or planning to head over later in the evening for a live show or party, Club Helsinki is there for whatever stage and mood you’re in. It’s also a great place if you’re trying to get involved in the local performing scene! They have open mic nights every Tuesday, and tons of local artists play here frequently. The hip, country atmosphere of this multi-story venue make it one of the most popular and active nightlife spots in not only Hudson, but in the entire Hudson Valley.

Another one of the essential local watering holes in Hudson is the Half Moon, down by a scenic view of the river and right next to the Hudson Amtrak station. Similar to a place like Merino’s, Half Moon has great deals, outdoor seating, and super casual vibes. They’re also known for their frequent live performances by musicians from across the country, and many from New York City. This really is a music lover’s bar. In addition to live shows, Half Moon also hosts record swap events dance parties with great DJs.

Just because you’re in the country and no longer in New York City, doesn’t mean you have to give up your nights out with friends. All of these places are within walking distance of each other, making it feel even more like you’re out on the town in Brooklyn or downtown Manhattan! Don’t let the calm exterior of Hudson fool you—there’s plenty of life beating in the heart of this town at night!

Racquel Roberts