Trash must be securely bagged and placed inside designated bin.

  1. All boxes must be properly broken down, then placed in recycling bin.
  2. Large items (furniture, mattresses, appliances, tv’s, computers, printers, etc.) Will not be picked up and are not to be left in, or outside trash rooms. Disposal of such items is the responsibility of the resident.
  3. Trash and trash bags are prohibited in any entry areas, walkways, balconies, and all common areas.
  4. A fine will be applied to anyone in violation of these rules.

Looking to dispose of large electronics?

Contact: Coarc Ecycle (518) 828 4136

Location: 1 Industrial Tract, Hudson, NY 12534

Free to drop off broken or unwanted electronics.

What can be recycled?

Paper cardboard, magazines, office paper, newspapers, paperboard, dairy & juice cartons, unsolicited direct mail, and phonebooks.

Metals steel and tin cans (soda, coffee, soup, etc), aluminum foil &disposable aluminum cookware.

Glass bottles and jars. No- ceramics, ovenware, pyrex, lightbulbs, & mirror/window glass.

Plastics bottles, jars, and jugs. No- plastic grocery bags

**All items must be clean and free of any food waste to be recycled properly