Place key fob over the black fob reader, light should go from red to green and the door(s) will open/unlock.

  • Resident key fobs will allow you access to all entrances and common rooms. After 10pm, residents will only have access to the resident side of the building, all other rooms and entrances will be locked until 5am the next day.


To unlock your door, put in your personal four-digit code and press the top LOCKSTATE button once. Wait until the system has completed the process of unlocking and is silent before opening your door.

Note: Buttons need ample pressure to respond to your code, each button pressed should be accompanied by a green light and a sound. Also, if the door is not completely closed it will not be able to unlock. If you are having an issue where your door is not unlocking pull in the door and try again.

To lock your door, press the LOCKSTATE button twice. Allow the system to complete the locking process and is silent before checking if your door is locked.

Note: The system will not be able to lock if the door is not closed all the way.


Mail boxes are located in the breezeway at our main entrance. All boxes are labeled for each individual unit. Postal keys are given the day of the move, they must be signed out at the Front Desk. All package deliveries can be received at the Front Desk as well, Monday through Saturday, 9am-5:30pm. You may make special arrangements with front desk personnel if you are unable to pick up your mail/packages during office hours. Package size applies, furniture deliveries must be scheduled with Online Maintenance Request.


Please list apartment mailing address as:


158 Union Turnpike Apt. 100A (apt. number and letter)

Hudson, NY 12534

This format is for the postal service and 911/fire department response.


Your intercom phone will ring if the front desk is calling up to your apartment or if someone is at one of the side entrances and has punched in your apartment number. To answer, simply pick up the phone and begin talking. If you need to let someone in from one of the side entrances, press nine (9) and the door will unlock for them. The intercom phone does not make outgoing calls.


If you would like storage unit access from the outside of the building please submit an Online Maintenance Request. Access from the West Wing door inside the building will be 7 days a week, 7am-7pm. Please purchase a lock of your preference to be put on the door latch of the storage unit.

Fan Remote Control

Fan Speed:


1 = Minimum speed

2 = Low speed

3 = Medium low speed

4 = Medium speed

5 = Medium high speed

6 = High speed

Wave button = Natural breeze

Tap either of the “Center button (Power button) /1/2/3/4/5/6 ” keys to exit natural breeze mode and shift to relative key function.

Center Button (Power button): Turns the fan off. Press and hold the “Center” key to turn on/off the beep indicator.

Reverse button (sun > snowflake): Controls fan direction. Sun is for the winter, pushes heat down. Snowflake is for the summer, pulls the cold air up.  

Lightbulb button: Turns the light on/off. Press and hold for dimming.

Walk Away Light Delay: Turns the fan and light off after 1 minute. During walk away light delay mode, press any other key to cancel the function.

Home Shield: The fan is turned off with the light in the A-B-A cycle. A mode: Light randomly turns on for 5-20 minutes. B mode: Light is off for 60 minutes. During home shield mode, press any other key to cancel the function.

Sleep Timer:

2H: The fan will turn off after 2 hours.

4H: The fan will turn off after 4 hours.

8H: The fan will turn off after 8 hours.

During sleep timer mode, tap the “Center Button/Power button” key to exit sleep timer mode.



Front Desk:  (518)-719-1600 Ext. 130

Cable/Internet Issues:  Mid-Hudson Cable / The Falls Line (518)-719-8190

National Grid:  1-888-932-0301

Mounting Televisions:

Apartment Cleaning:  Wolfe’s Cleaning Services (518)-821-7204 /

Event Bookings:  Christina Snyder (518)-719-1600 Ext. 140

Disposal of Large Items: Columbia County Solid Waste (518)-828-2737

Mounting Pictures:  We offer 30 minutes FREE! Please submit a maintenance request.


Please do not ask maintenance to perform repair services. They are not allowed to enter any apartment without a written request from the office staff. When maintenance service is required, please submit an Online Maintenance Request through the online resident portal below. This allows us to maintain a service record and enables us to take care of problems in a timely manner.


Front desk hours are Monday through Saturday, 9am-5:30pm. To call the front desk directly, dial (518-)719-1600 ext. 130.


Please make all checks payable to The Falls in Hudson INC. Rent checks must be separate from all other payments (i.e., guest fob, visiting pet fee, pet deposit). Payment Drop Box is located next to Front Desk in our main lobby, all checks may be put here.


One guest fob will be distributed upon day of move. Guest fobs have access only through door near intercom 24/7. Guest access does not include any of our amenities, main entrance doors, basement, or any other entrances. If a guest would like to use amenities, they must be accompanied by a resident. Additional guest fobs may be purchased at the Front Desk for $25.


Parking is at a first come, first serve basis. Resident parking is located to the left as you pull into The Falls and behind the building. To access the parking lot behind the building, turn right by the dumpsters. Guest parking is located to the right of The Falls, in front of the Banquet Hall. Parking passes must be displayed at all times for guests and residents. Guest Parking passes may be picked up at the Front Desk. Any guest staying for 2+ nights MUST have parking pass displayed on front dashboard.


The phone by your front door is for Intercom use only, not able to make outgoing calls. It will ring when someone is calling from the Intercom OR Front Desk. Please pick up first, incase it’s the Front Desk calling. Press 9 to let visitors in the building, if they are calling from the Intercom.


If you would like your TV mounted please contact one of our crew members to do so. Mark Pettograsso can be reached at, He will coordinate with you on a specific day and time.